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Traditional crafts 伝統工芸品

Gifu Paper Lanterns have adopted the name of the region they are from.
This area has been known for its high-quality Japanese paper and bamboo for centuries. Gifu is considered a country of natural beauty given the distribution of raw materials. Subsequently, it became a development site for handmade crafts such as Mino paper lanterns and Japanese-style umbrellas. All the conditions were ideal for the creation of excellent local products such as these paper lanterns, which possess a distinct craftsmanship found only in the hands of Gifu’s master artisans (considered to be intangible cultural assets). Such traditions are still continued to this day.
Gifu Paper Lanterns appear easy to make at first glance, but they actually require training in many other skills than just affixing paper to bamboo. Below is an explanation of the 3 main skills required in the process of Gifu Paper Lantern production.

Wrapping Techniques

The construction portion of the process involves tightly wrapping Japanese-style paper and silk around a bamboo frame .


Brushing Techniques

One way of decorating a Gifu Paper Lantern involves painting on a design using a traditional Japanese stencil.


Decoration Techniques

Further down in the decoration process, lanterns wrapped in plain paper are placed in a “fire box” and pictures are drawn directly onto the lantern.